Integrated International School: Private Education with Special Needs (SPED) Support in Singapore

At the Integrated International School, our sincere commitment to a culture of inclusion ensures that our students with special needs reach their potential. We are a special needs international school in Singapore with an esteemed reputation for our welcoming and inclusive learning environment. The IIS team is dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience that accommodates every student with learning disabilities. To do so, we provide students with tailored and individualised learning approaches and activities, ensuring children with special needs can seamlessly adjust to our private school environment.

As IIS aims to make high-quality education accessible to children of all levels, our personalised special education programmes integrate a range of teaching styles. In doing so, we’re able to provide a flexible education that adjusts to the needs of every student in our special needs school. In addition to customised special needs programmes, our dedicated and highly experienced support team has the necessary skills to assist all of our students and foster a genuinely caring community at our private special needs international school in Singapore.

Experience IIS Firsthand

Come down for a campus tour! Witness our tailored teaching approach and inclusive learning programmes in our British curriculum.