Special Needs Education

Special Needs Education in Singapore

Today, the need for inclusivity in special needs education has never been greater in Singapore.

According to an article on TODAY Online dated May 18, 2018, the number of children with special needs has been steadily rising. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has been channelling ample effort in ensuring that special education is made available for students with various types of special needs and learning difficulties

IIS is a boutique private school in Singapore that acknowledges the importance of special education. Find out more about our commitment and our school in Singapore.

Committed To Every Student

For IIS, inclusive education for all students cannot be achieved without a strong commitment towards creating a culture of inclusion.

with a commitment towards creating an inclusive learning environment, IIS provides special needs education at our international school in Singapore. We are dedicated to facilitating a nurturing and enriching learning environment that accommodates children with special needs.

Part of our efforts to embrace inclusion has led us to incorporate tailored and individualised school programmes and activities geared towards helping children with learning difficulties and special needs adjust to our education system in Singapore. Our school yearns to make relevant education accessible to individuals of all levels. Furthermore, our special education and tailored programmes integrate teaching styles which are adjustable, flexible but also relevant and nurturing to address the characteristics or each and every student.

In addition to our individualised and special needs programmes, we also have a dedicated support team that has been adequately trained and equipped with relevant and necessary skills to support and build a caring community at our private school in Singapore.

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Should you have any questions about enrolling a child with special needs at our international school in Singapore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Click here for our contact information. 

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