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We redefine success.

Our boutique international school in Singapore is about embracing individuality and encouraging uniqueness. We provide a tailored syllabus based on the British curriculum and take an individualised approach to education to ensure everyone – parents and students – feel heard. Our goal is to break the mould and redefine notions of success. At our inclusive learning school in Singapore, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that makes our students feel at home.

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Integrated International School (IIS)
At A Glance

As an inclusive international school in Singapore, our school is about embracing the individual gifts and unique potential of each and every student. Our teachers and staff go above and beyond to provide a meaningful and enriching educational experience as well as individual care to ensure all parents and students feel heard, valued and appreciated.

At IIS, we put the welfare of our students above all else as they embark on their journey toward life-long self-discovery and learning. We aim to redefine notions of success and blaze a trail for inclusive education in Singapore by basing our tailored syllabus on the British curriculum at our international school.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Primary School 1:5
Secondary School 1:6

Age Range

3 years - 16+ years


Syllabus Based On The British Curriculum


Early Years to Grade 13

Countries Represented

30 Countries & Growing

Maximum Class Size

12-15 Students

2022 IIS Examinations – Student Performance

What is the British Curriculum?

At the Integrated International School, we provide an ambitious school education based on the British curriculum that is hyper-focused on establishing a robust academic foundation from early years and supporting unrivalled preparation as our students move on to their senior years in school. Students at our inclusive learning school will have to take compulsory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and more. The British curriculum is a system of education that places emphasis on flexibility, adaptability, creativity and critical thinking, all of which are key in preparation for every student’s life after school. Factoring in academic success as well, our school in Singapore that follows the British curriculum also implements measurable goals that build upon prior achievable goals set so that students flourish emotionally, socially, and academically.

Why Do We Choose the British Curriculum?

Well-known and held in high regard, the British curriculum that we abide by ensures that each and every student is able to reach their fullest potential. As one of the globally recognised education systems, the British curriculum is more than a mere curriculum that focuses on goals and achievement. Student-centred and well-balanced, the British curriculum offers both breadth and depth in every subject matter in preparation for their IGCSEs. Beyond the variety of subjects that students can explore, the British curriculum framework is organised into key stages which provide a comprehensive understanding of a student’s progress. Aiming to nurture well-rounded and responsible global citizens, this curriculum also encourages growth outside of the classroom through the prioritisation of extracurricular activities.

What is the Difference between the British Curriculum and IGCSE?

There is no big difference as the IGCSE is a major examination under the British Curriculum. Falling under the UK education system, both establish amongst students the basic skills by teaching them everything from problem-solving to questioning.

In general, the British National Curriculum is divided into the enrichment (early years), Primary School, and Secondary School. The exam-based IGCSE curriculum prepares students for high education levels such as the A-levels so that they can pursue higher education in the top colleges and universities globally after graduating from a school in Singapore that has implemented the renowned British curriculum. Students taking their IGCSEs will also have the flexibility to choose core subjects that will be taught in a global context so that a complete perspective of the immediate environment is attained.

What Our Parents

love about IIS

  • Ted Osius and Clayton Bond

    "There's so much love and warmth at the school. We love how it really celebrates and roots for TABOS's success and every child's and staff's success. We highly recommend IIS to other families. It's a wonderful school that meaningfully welcomes children with a broad array of learning styles."

    -Ted Osius and Clayton Bond
  • Olga & Edward L.

    “We love that our son is growing, learning, playing and enjoying himself in a fantastic environment. Their teaching approach has had a positive effect which we noticed in his newfound learning abilities and knowledge.”

    -Olga & Edward L.
  • Alicia & Davis C.

    “IIS has made a remarkable difference in the life of my child and our family, he is learning to like school again and the atmosphere is very cheerful and welcoming! “

    -Alicia & Davis C.
  • Damien & Anne J.

    “Since enrolling, we’ve seen very positive changes in our daughter's academics and behavior. There’s a real focus on helping children strengthen the skills they are good at and working on areas of improvement.”

    -Damien & Anne J.
  • Deanna & Tony H.

    “The small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratio ensure that our son receives individual attention. Seeing him thrive makes us thankful for the outstanding and unparalleled dedication and kindness he receives from all the staff at IIS!”

    -Deanna & Tony H.

Facilities Highlights

Ocean Snoezelen Room

Occupational Therapy Gym

Reggio Emilia Hall

Counseling Suites

Outdoor Recreational Area

Other Support Suites

Find out how our inclusive and community-centered facilities help foster learning and development in our integrated community.

What Our

Students love

about IIS

  • Flavia G.

    This isn’t just a school, it’s like a second family because everyone looks after each other and knows your name which makes settling in such a positive experience!

    -Flavia G.
  • Stephen T.

    "I enjoy interacting with my friends and teachers on a daily basis at IIS. Here the students' opinions and ideas matter and are respected."

    -Stephen T.

Our Inclusive Learning School Fees in Singapore

At the Integrated International School, our school fees are competitive compared to other international inclusive learning schools in Singapore. Understanding that functioning as an all-inclusive and nurturing school where all of our students feel at home while learning, every facility within our compound is purpose-built. Beyond the basic course fees that vary depending on the school level, support services such as behavioural therapy can be leveraged with additional fees. As such, our fee structure provides parents with the conduit to provide their children with world-class education. Find out more about our fee structure for the current academic year.


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