School Calendar

Stay updated on all school events and important dates. Download the school calendar for the current and upcoming academic year below.

Parent Partnership Program

The Parent Partnership Program extends a warm invitation to parents to engage in class activities alongside our diverse student body. This initiative provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to become integrated members of the IIS community while also giving back. Spanning across subjects like PDPHE, Science, and Topics of Interest, the students of IIS stand to gain invaluable experiences from these interactions. Join us in fostering a thriving educational journey!

Community Events

Art Auction

Get ready for an art extravaganza like no other! The Integrated International School is thrilled to present our Art Auction featuring various stunning student-created artworks up for bids! Join us for a day of creativity and community support. All proceeds from the live auction will go to ACRES, a meaningful cause dedicated to animal welfare and conservation. Parents, your presence is not only encouraged – it’s essential! Come down, place your bids, and be a part of this wonderful event.

International Food Fair

Our International Food Fair was a wonderful opportunity for our students and their families to come together and celebrate the diverse range of cultures and cuisines that make up our school community. Featuring a variety of cuisines from around the world, including popular dishes from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Our students and their families will showcased their favourite dishes, share their culinary traditions, and connect with other families in our community.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Our termly Parent Teacher Meetings are a great opportunity for parents to catch up with the teachers and share information of their child’s academic progress. Meetings occur on the Monday/Tuesday of every last week of term.

Experience IIS Firsthand

Come down for a campus tour! Witness our tailored teaching approach and inclusive learning programmes in our British curriculum.