If you’ve got a question for the team, take a look below for Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re unable to find your question, please get in touch with us directly at +65 6466-4475 or send us an email at admissions@iis.edu.sg.

Our admissions criteria places great importance upon family involvement and the extent to which families want to be a part of their children’s education. As a school, we can’t do this without you. It takes a village, after all! We value and expect open communication between teachers and parents. Parents are encouraged to stay in touch via email, the student communication booklet or by ringing the school front desk at +65 6466-4475.

Students can arrive from 8.45am onwards. Classes begin at 9am and finish at 2pm for students in Early Years and Primary School. Students from Secondary School onwards finish at 3pm. Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) start from 2pm on specified days. For details on the ECAS offered at IIS, please contact the school’s front desk.

Homework is essential for students to master what they have learned during the school day. IIS therefore places high importance on our students’ daily homework assignments. Each student is expected to complete homework assignments and hand them in by the specified deadlines.

Yes, limited door-to-door bus services are available for the IIS students who fit onto existing bus routes. Please contact the IIS front desk at +65 6466-4475 to find out more.

Yes, IIS students wear a uniform which can be purchased from Lim Meng Keng in Holland Village Shopping Centre directly. It is mandatory for students to purchase at least 3 sets of uniforms.

IIS is run across four terms. During each term, an educational outing is planned for our students. We organise exciting outings in line with our belief in dynamic learning and incidental teaching. Parents will be advised of each outing and the corresponding details closer to the excursion date.

No, we are not a nut-free school. However, it is very important that you inform the school and teachers about your child’s allergies and/or other medical conditions so that we can make every attempt to safeguard him/her.

IIS incorporates a variety of psychological and socio-emotional approaches to teaching students. As such, when students are often getting themselves into trouble, an action plan is first set in place, which incorporates support from teachers, parents, counsellors and therapists. We endeavour to work together as a team to rectify the student’s struggles. It is extremely important during such times that parents work collaboratively with the IIS team both in the school environment and in the home environment.

Should the student continue to be a threat to himself/herself or others, then suspension and ultimately expulsion are possible consequences.

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