Your 2024 Guide To Choosing An Inclusive Preschool in Singapore

Just as every child progresses at their own pace, they also tend to learn in different ways as well. Consequently, some children may struggle to flourish in a standardised, one-size-fits-all educational environment. Fortunately in Singapore, there are numerous options available for children who require additional in-school support, offering adaptable learning styles and an inclusive, nurturing environment that adapts to your child’s social and behavioural challenges. 

You might be wondering which inclusive preschools out there would be suitable for your child. In our comprehensive guide, we will be providing you with three valuable tips to help you discover the preschool that would best cater to your child's unique needs.

Tip #1: Find a School That Personalises The Learning Experience

In early childhood education, some children may have some behavioural or social challenges which makes it harder for them to learn in a larger setting. Hence, having an individualised education plan would be more suitable for them, personalising the learning experience to build their knowledge, skills and interest according to their developmental stage, rather than by age. This ensures that children are given the support they require, within a nurturing learning environment, to achieve their full potential.

At the Integrated International School, we specialise in early childhood education in Singapore with smaller class sizes (student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1), with each child having an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) based on their learning needs, designed to prepare them for an academic curriculum.

Tip #2: Find a School with In-House Therapy Services

With your child spending over 50% of their waking hours in school, it's ideal for your child to have support within this environment as well. Having in-house therapy services is beneficial as teachers can work closely together with therapists to closely monitor the progress of your child. With an integrated approach to therapy, combining the expertise of teachers, psychologists, and therapists, this approach helps to also foster positive relationships between students and support school specialists, leading to effective intervention outcomes. 

Recognising the importance of in-house therapy services, the Integrated International School offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in-house to support our students in their development. At our new campus location on Church Street, we have specially-designed spaces that help our students develop their fine and gross motor skills, and learn through play. In addition, our in-house support staff have private suites to provide child counselling, speech and Naturalistic Behaviour Intervention (NBI) therapy sessions.

Tip #3: Find a School That Prepares Your Child For Primary Education

There are a wide range of programmes out there that seek to either improve your child’s social and behavioural challenges, or are solely focused on preparing your child academically for primary school education. Parents often resort to signing up for multiple preparatory programmes which can be costly and time-consuming to both parents and children. But what if there was a school programme that integrated these two objectives to nurture your child’s social, behavioural and academic development holistically?

Believing that every child deserves a chance to redefine success and achieve their fullest potential, the Integrated International School is guided by the British Pearson Edexcel curriculum, which is internationally-recognised. Our teachers are specialised in teaching this academic curriculum to students while accommodating to each child’s unique needs within a small class environment.

Why Choose IIS?

At the Integrated International School, we are passionate about providing quality childhood education and believe that every child receives the personalised support they need to thrive academically and emotionally. We offer an integrated approach to therapy, combining the expertise of teachers, psychologists, and therapists in a safe and nurturing learning environment. This collaborative effort ensures that each child receives a tailored intervention plan to address their unique needs. 

Want to learn more about how the Integrated International School can help your child? Contact us today for a school tour. See you soon!

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