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As a parent working in the bustling city centre of Singapore, finding the right balance between your work and family life can be a constant challenge. When it comes to your child's education, you would prefer a school that provides academic excellence and is seamlessly integrated into your hectic schedule.

At the Integrated International School, we understand the unique needs of busy parents like you and offer an unmatched educational experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom. Located in the heart of Singapore's CBD, at Capital Square Two (21 Church Street), our school provides a holistic approach to education that empowers your child's future and also offers you the convenience and flexibility of sending your child here.

Unbeatable Convenience & Flexibility

Imagine having the luxury of saying goodbye to long commutes and the stress of navigating through rush hour traffic, just to pick up or drop off your child at school. At IIS, we understand the importance of time and convenience, which is why our campus is located within walking distance of major office buildings in the city. Our convenient location at Capital Square Two allows you to streamline your daily routine, dropping off and picking up your child before and after work, with MRT stations like Telok Ayer (DTL), Raffles Place (NSL/EWL), Clarke Quay (NEL) and Maxwell (TEL) within a 10 minutes walking distance from our campus.

Not only that, you can also drop by and check in on your child and even take part in our campus events and activities, which will help you become more involved in your child's education. By having the school campus located in a more convenient location, you can still be actively involved in your child's learning journey.

Cultural Immersion at Your Doorstep: A Vibrant City Campus Experience

Our school's location is more than just convenient - it places your child at the heart of Singapore's vibrant cultural scene. With world-renowned museums, art galleries and historical landmarks such as the Asian Civilisations Museum just a stone's throw away, your child will have endless opportunities to explore and learn about different cultures beyond the classroom. This exposure helps broaden their horizons, cultivate a deep appreciation for diversity and instil a global perspective at a young age. As a parent, you'll find it effortless to take your child on educational outings to these enriching destinations, making learning an integrated part of your family's lifestyle. With such enriching experiences, your child is sure to thrive both academically and holistically.

Why Integrated International School?

At the Integrated International School, we are passionate about providing quality childhood education and believe that every child receives the personalised support they need to thrive academically and emotionally. We offer an integrated approach to therapy, combining the expertise of teachers, psychologists, and therapists in a safe and nurturing learning environment. This collaborative effort ensures that each child receives a tailored intervention plan to address their unique needs. 

Catering to all ages in your child’s formative developmental years, the Integrated International School is proud to offer an international and inclusive early childhood education, private primary and secondary education in Singapore.With our unique location, academic excellence, and supportive community, IIS is the perfect choice for your child. Want to learn more about the Integrated International School? Contact us today for a school tour. See you soon!

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