Learning Difficulties Programme at our School in Singapore

A child with learning disabilities might experience difficulties in reading, writing, speaking, listening and socialising with his classmates. For a child to excel in school, however, it is imperative for him to get special support and help he needs.

According to an article dated March 30, 2019, by The Straits Times, one of the top print publications in Singapore, local educational institutions have been contributing more efforts to build a sturdy support system at schools in Singapore through tailor-made programmes that help students with learning disorders.

As an inclusive international school in Singapore, IIS is committed to providing relevant and suitable support programmes for students with a myriad of learning disorders like dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as well as autism. We aim to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment at our school in Singapore to help all students redefine success.

How We Help Parents and Students with Learning Disorders

In spite of ample efforts on the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) part to facilitate relevant and accessible early intervention institutions geared towards helping students with learning difficulties in schools, parents and students in Singapore still face various challenges. This include but are not limited to:

  • Bullying and alienation by classmates
  • Insufficient care and attention from educators
  • Inadequate facilities

On the other hand, IIS remains dedicated to facilitating a safe and inclusive learning school environment for students with various types of learning disabilities and/or difficulties in Singapore. Not only do we have a team of well-equipped and experienced educators and caregivers, but we also have a zero-tolerance policy against mistreatment or bullying of students.

Our early intervention support programmes will make learning more holistic and targeted for students in Singapore who need extra care in their learning journey in school. Our team is also always eager and willing to extend a helping hand to parents who require assistance and advice about communicating and managing their child with learning disabilities and/or difficulties.

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