Meet Our Brilliant Team

Our teachers’ creativity and zest for teaching make our learning environment truly special. Team-building activities, social skills and confidence enhancement, as well as incidental teaching methods are only a few facets of their skills sets. They take the time to really get to know their students and regularly communicate openly with their parents so that everyone is on the same page – it takes a village, after all! Moreover, our educators undergo further professional development every term to continue our high standards of teaching and to keep up to date with the latest advances in education. You can view our staff profiles below.

The Integrated International School is committed to recruiting teachers who are passionate, nurturing and “think outside the box.”

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Vanessa von Auer

    CEO/ Founding Principal

    Masters of Counseling | Monash University

    Doctor of Psychology | James Cook University

  • Shanida Rachel Teresa Abraham

    Vice Principal

    Diploma in Mass Communications Management Development | Institute of Singapore


  • Alison Moore

    Admissions/ Office Manager

    BA (Hons) Counselling Studies | York St John University, United Kingdom

  • Jasprit Dhillon

    Parent Liaison Officer

    BA Coms Human Resource Management | Murdoch University


  • Dr. Balbir Chaal


    Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) | University of Glasgow, UK

    Doctor of Philosophy | University of Cambridge, UK

  • Dr. Andrew Anthony Schamschurin


    MSc. Science | Flinders University, Australia

    Doctor of Chemistry | Flinders University, Australia

  • Edward Garrett Leister


    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing | The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Ladyly April Tupaz Ramos


    Bachelor of Arts in Economics | Adamson University

  • Yogini Sandirasegaran​


    Bachelor in Science in Behavioural Studies | Oklahoma City University

  • Rekha Roeshini


    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Arts | Loughborough University, UK

  • Nur Amirah Binte Amir


    Diploma in New Media Communication & Technology of Arts | Republic Polytechnic School

  • Nurussa'adatul Firdaus Saifulbahril a.k.a Nurus


    Master of Arts in Inclusive & Special Education | University College London

  • Natasha Amaliena Binte Jusri


    A LEVEL Certification | Millennia Institute

  • Wang Luhao


    Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication and New Media | National University Singapore

Teaching Assistants

  • Mariyyatun Nadhiroh Binte Mohd Ja'afar

    Teaching Assistant

    Bachelor of Health & Science | Flinders University

  • Shalini Revindran

    Teaching Assistant

    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology | Singapore Institute of Management

  • Rachel Djuang

    Teaching Assistant

    Bachelor of Arts Psychology | University at Buffalo

  • Yasmin Nisha Bte Mohamed Ismail

    Teaching Assistant

    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology | Singapore Institute of Management

  • Kelly Liu Yiwen

    Teaching Assistant

    Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications | Oklahoma City University

    Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Teaching | Asian International College

  • Sharmila d/o Gunasekaran

    Teaching Assistant

    Diploma in Electrical Engineering (with Eco-Design) | Nanyang Polytechnic

  • Shamsinah Bti A.Wahab a.k.a Tina

    Teaching Assistant

    Diploma in Leadership Management | Kaplan

  • Premila Balakrishnan

    Teaching Assistant

    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology & Women's Studies | Murdoch University of Perth

  • Janille Mae Torres Catalan

    Teaching Assistant

    Diploma in Psychology | Kaplan College

Support Staff

  • Lucy Lyon


    Bachelor of Arts, Hispanic Arts | University of Manchester

    Masters of Counselling | Monash University

  • Brenda Ang

    Behavioural Therapist

    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) | Singapore Institute of Management

  • Jason Dass Richard

    Individual Support Specialist

    Diploma in Counselling | Kaplan

Speech Therapy

Other Support Services

For students who require them, other support services such as Speech and Language Pathologists, Counselors, Occupational Therapists and Educational Therapists tailor sessions according to the student’s developmental and learning needs. The therapists work closely with the student’s teachers to ensure a holistic support plan during school hours. Support staff are from reputable and established third-party agencies. To learn more about the varying therapies offered, please see our Support Services page.